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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Aria! You have a beautiful name!
    Think: Love, love, love, love, love the name! Incredibly stunning!

    These are my daughters Cassia Summer and Adelia Emily. They normally go by Sia (see-a) and Addie though.
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    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: I love both of their names, they are stunning combos. Sia is a creative nn, but I would prefer Lia as a nn for Adelia.

    These are my kids, Benjamin Raphael and Isobel Sophronia. Benjamin's nickname is Jamie.
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    Say: Hey kids!

    Think: Wow, how regal these names are! Benjamin Raphael is a little long for me, but wonderfully handsome. Unfortunately, I think Jamie hides all that handsomeness and makes it more 'girly'. Isobel Sophronia is lovely, but I rather see Isobel spelled as Isabelle or Isabel.

    This is my daughter, Adair Beatrix.
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    Say: Hi Adair!
    Think: I adore Beatrix! Adair seems a bit masculine, but overall great combo.

    Meet my children; Blake Larissa, Kendall Mariah, & Elliot Justine.
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    Hi kids
    Think: I'm definitely not a fan of unisex/male names on girls. Not my cup of tea.

    Meet my daughters Sapphira and Vitalia (please vote!)

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