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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi!

    Think: Rigby isn't my type of name; I think it flows better as Rugby Harrison. Pearl Margo is nicely vintage, but rather see it on another child than my own.

    Meet my son, Benjamin Blaise.
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    Say: Hi Benjamin! Do you get called Ben a lot?
    Think: Ben is so cute! For little boys, I love Benny. Blaise is very mature and grown up, and balances the sweetness of Benjamin. I really like it, even though I don't normally like alliterated names (ex. BB, AA, NN ect.)

    These are my daughters Christina Danielle, Abigail Olivia, Rebecca Autumn, Emily Briana, and Michaela Brooke. They go by Krista, Abbie, Becca, Em, and Kaela.
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    Say: Hello girls! My goodness, there are a lot of you!

    Think: All quite common, bland names. I love Olivia, like Abigail, Autumn and Emily, but I dislike all the rest. They sound quite 80s to me and just don't stand out at all. Krista, Danielle and Kaela are some of my very least favourite names unfortunately. I also don't see the point in shortening Christina to Krista. Krista seems like a full name to me, and I don't like how her name starts with a C, but her nickname starts with a K. I knew a girl called Cassandra who went by Kaycee and everyone was quite confused why her nickname began with a K. That being said, this set does go together extremely well. While I'm not a fan of it, there's no denying that all the names fit.

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    Say: Hi Toby, hi Liza!
    Think: What a perfect sibset! All kind of old-fashioned names, but not totally matchy-matchy. And the nicknames Toby and Liza sound so good together!

    This is my daughter, Samara Blair.

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    Say: Hi Samara!
    Think: I don't think those names go together. I do like Blair though.

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