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Thread: Think/Say

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    Mar 2013
    Say: Hi Eva and Simon!
    Think: Eva and Simon sound really nice together, and Madeleine and Christopher go well with the first names. I love the names!

    Hi, meet my double trouble twins Daisy Evelyn, Christine Eloise and their little sister Stella June.
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    Say: Hi kids!

    Think: Oh how I dislike Daisy as a's just so childish and ditzy. Christine is cute, but Eloise is not. Stella June is so spunky!

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    Say: Hi Amity!
    Think: I really like Amity, it's so cute. Wilhelmina is not a favorite, honestly, but it flows well.

    Hi, meet Joy Fiona and Thea Lilas, along with their cousin Amily Josephine.

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    Say: Hi, girls! Your names are so different and pretty!
    Think: Joy Fiona doesn't flow, Thea reminds me of th rat in the book series, Lilas sounds made up, and Amily.. I don't know how to say. Josephine is nice though..

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    Say: Hi Francesca!
    Think: Hate the first name, Love the middle.

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