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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jan 2012
    Say: Hi Saffy, Rosie and Asher, lovely to meet you all.

    Think: Saffron isn't really my style, and Grace is a bit filler. Rosalie's not my favourite of the Rose variants but it's nice enough and works well with Amelia, though feels completely different to Saffron. Asher and Oliver are both nice names, though not sure having two -er names flows the best. Ashley Oliver would have a better flow, IMO.

    Have you met my boys, Joseph Gregory and Thomas Fraser? I've also got my sister's two with me today, Catherine Olivia and Charlie Samuel, who I'm looking after while she's at work.

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    Say: I don't believe I have! It's nice to meet you Joseph and Thomas! And hello there Charlie and Catherine. You're all too cute. :3

    Think: Such adorable, classic names! I adore Gregory and Fraser, and Joseph and Thomas make sweet first names. And her niece and nephew have awesome names too! I love especially love the name Samuel. Charlie and Catherine both look and sound really cute as siblings too.

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    Say: Hi Marina, August, and Pearl.

    Think: I love Marina and Pearl! Not to keen on August though.

    These are my children Esther, Naomi, Francis (Frank), and Nikolai.

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    Say: Hi kiddos!

    I've never been a fan of Esther, sounds very old-fashioned. Naomi is okay, but not a favorite. The same goes for Francis, although Frankie is cute. Nikolai is pretty cool.

    These are my nephews, Zachary "Zach" Ryan and Daniel "Danny" Jacob. Also, I have my daughters, Elliot Victoria, Audrey Monique, and Ariana "Ari" Genevieve.

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    Say: "Hi guys!"

    Think: Zachary Ryan is a bit of a tongue twister even though I love the names a lot. Daniel Jacob-love it, heard of but not too common!
    I thought Elliot was a boy's name... Victoria is beautiful and glamorous while to me, Elliot is masculine. Audrey Monique is beautiful, and so is Ariana Genevieve. Once again. Elliot doesn't fit with the lot.

    "These are my girls Estella, Grace & Annabel and son Jacob."
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