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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Hugo, Joey and Avia!
    Think: Love, love, love Hugo, but I don't think it goes well with Joseph. I like Aria more than Avia, but it's still ok.

    Meet my little girls, Heidi and Clara.
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    Say: Hello, girls. It's so nice to meet you.
    Think: I think your mommy was a bookworm and I like the story and the names.

    Meet my son, Quay.

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    Say: Hi Quay!
    Think: I don't like it, it reminds me of a bird.

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    Say: Hi kids! How are you today?

    Think: Nice names but Sophie sort of seems out of place with the other two. Adela being a little fresher might have tied the other two together better.

    I'd like to introduce my children: Elsa Marguerite, Jedidiah Emery (Jed), Quentin Phineas (Quint) and Imogen Janina.

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    Say: Hi guys!
    Think: Elsa Marguerite and Quentin Phineas are lovely, but the other two don't seem to flow nicely. The 'ah-eh' in Jedediah Emery, and the 'jen-jah' in Imogen Janina make the names harder to pronounce. Elsa, Jed, Quint and Imogen are lovely together though!

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