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Thread: Think/Say

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    Mar 2013
    Say: Hi Gianna and Jasper
    Think: Never heard of Gianna, but it's sort of pretty, and it sounds nice with Claire. But Gianna Claire sounds better than Jasper Elliot, even though I do like the names Jasper and Elliot.

    (Sorry, I was skipped, so im re-posting these names - but I changed Aria's middle name from Paisley to Katherine)
    Hi, meet my twins Hugo Alexander and Aria Katherine.

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    Apr 2013
    Say: Hey, kids!
    Think: Hugo is decent, but I really like Alexander. Aria is beautiful and Katherine and is alright. I like that the names flow similarly.

    Hi, this is Maxine Elizabeth and Francesca Louise, my daughters. They go by Max and Frankie.

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    Say: Hi Max, hi Frankie! What adorable names the pair of you have! :3

    Think: These names are very, very cute. I love the feminized first names paired with beautiful, literary classics as middles. The nick names are really sweet too. Francesca nick name Frankie is one of my favourite names, and Max is fun for Maxine. I do prefer Maxy/Maxie though as I feel like Max is quite masculine, but all the same, the name is adorable.

    This is my son Ezekiel Byron. Zeke, say hi!
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    Say: Hi Zeke!

    Think: I love Ezekiel! It's one of my favorite boy names! Idk why, but Ezekiel feels and sounds so exotic(& sexy, lol) to me! It's a shame that it gets hidden behind Zeke. I don't like Byron at all. Not as a name in general, or paired with Ezekiel.

    Meet my son, Zephyr Caspian, and my daughter, Ocean Liliana. We sometimes call her Ocean Lily.
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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    Say: Hello! What beautiful names!
    Think: Hmmm, not my style but I love how they are not toooo out there and unique. Liliana is gorgeous.

    "Meet my sons Hugo and Joseph who goes by Joey, an daughter, Avia."
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