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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi girls!

    Think: Susanne Ellinor is lovely, I just don't like the spelling of either name. Linnea is pretty, but Sybilla is just ugly to me.

    This is Kirrily Maeve. She goes by Kiri.
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: I don't mind Jasmine, but I'm not overly keen on Jasmina. Camellia is incredibly sweet.

    Meet Harper Samuel, Aubrey Nathaniel, and their sister, Violet Evangeline.

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    Say: Hi! You all are so adorable!
    Think: EEK I love Aubrey Nathaniel! I just want to hug his parents for giving him such a handsome name. Harper Samuel is okay though neither names are loves of mine. Violet though is so ugh... love Evangeline though.

    Oh where are my manners? These are my kids Hadley Viggo & Petula Blythe though she goes by Lula.

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    Say: Hello Hadley and Lula, how are you both?

    Think: I'll be honest, none of the names are particularly my style. Hadley Viggo is a handsome combination of a surnamey type name and a quirky, unusual middle. Petula Blythe, though, sounds like she ought to be his grandmother rather than his sister. Both names I struggle to picture on anyone under the age of 80. Lula's a cute nickname though.

    These are my twin boys, Oliver Kenneth and Charlie Edward. Their middle names are after their grandfathers.

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    Say: Hey!
    Think: Very respectable. Not blown away but good strong names.

    Hey! These are my children Nephele Kate + Aurelia Estelle. [Nell + Rory]

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