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Thread: Think/Say

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    Apr 2011
    Say: Hi boys! Those are great names you have.

    Think: Those are great names.

    Meet my cousin Maida Dorette and her brother Malachi Emmanuel

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    Say: Hey! Lovely to meet you!
    Think: I wouldn't want to be named after a maid! And Dorette is just meh! I quite like the boy's name but I probably would not use either of those names.

    Meet Arthur, Juliet, Ophelia & Jasper, Juliet goes by Jewel & Jasoer goes by Jazz

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    Say: Hello, sweeties!
    Think: Arthur is eh, never been a fan. I adore Juliet, and like Ophelia but it sounds rather gothic to me. Jasper is quite nice as well but it reminds me of the friendly ghost... Anyways, having such a beautiful name like Juliet shortened to Jewel, which I really dislike, is atrocious. Jazz is fine, but I still like Jasper better.

    Hello, meet Alexandrine Lacey, Annalise Matilda, and Victoire Jenette. They go by Lexi, Annie, and Tori.

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    Say: What gorgeous names!
    Think: I love Alexandrine, but I'm not keen on Lacey or Lexi at all. Annalise is also quite nice, and I love Annie and Matilda. Victoire is incredibly pretty, and I never would have thought to have paired it with Jenette, but I really love it. I don't like Tori all that much though.

    Hello, meet my cousins Eloise, Violet, Clara, Sebastian, and Amelie

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    Say: Hi! What nice names you all have!
    Think: I really do like those names! Eloise is a really pretty name (even though I prefer Elodie), and sounds a tad french, as do all the other names, which I like because it links them together. Violet is so pretty, elegant and simple. Clara is pretty too. Sebastian I don't love, but it's ok, and works with the other names. Amelie is gorgeous, re-enforcing that french sound.

    Hello, meet my daughters Elodie June and Violetta Skye.

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