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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hey Connie!
    Think: Constance is such an old lady name, but the nick name Connie is cute. Breann is nice, I've never seen it spelt that way before though. I'm not a fan of the flow of the name. Constance Brea would have struck a better balance and been less of a mouthful.

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    Say: Hi, darling!
    Think: I'm not really a fan of either name. Bentley seems overused, and Harrison is so old fashioned.
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    Hi kids
    Think: I really like Fiona Zoey (would prefer it spelled Zoe), but I really dislike Jason Zane

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    Say: Cute nn
    Think: Whats with the a at the end? Unnecessary.

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    Say: Such a lovely name.
    Think: It really is lovely, but that's why it is too popular.

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