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Thread: Think/Say

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    cristinamariane Guest
    Hi Truett
    Think: reminds me of Tru Calling, but overall I just don't like the name

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    Say: Hi girls.
    Think: How do you even pronounce Miuccia? Looks made up and a bit like the word Mucker to me, like in the slang 'me old mucker'. I don't mind Jasmina, but I prefer Jasmine.

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    Say: Hey boys!
    Think: Rory will forever be a girl's name for me after watching Gilmore Girls. But Rory Christopher is a really nice name. The pairing of something trendy with something traditional is always one of my favorites. Toby for me always sounds like a dog's name, I always envision a faithful hunting hound growing old with his master. I have no idea why. But Toby Alexander sounds lovely.

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    Say: Hi Arden, Hi Isaac!
    Think: The only name I don't like is Clive. Arden Cole isn't a bad combo but I like both names separately. Isaac is just a great name overall.

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    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: Interesting names. Never heard of either first name before, but I like how they chose a more common middle name to pair with it. I find both names though, are a bit hard to say.

    (sorry, I'm asking these names again, because when I asked them last there was confusion and they were skipped and I really want to see what people say! But this time I added on Emily.)

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