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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hey kids!
    Think: Gemma Madeleine is nice enough, but not nearly as exciting a name as Tamsin or Dominic. I do like how you kept the middle names simple when you used unique names like Tamsin and Dominic, and although Gemma's rather boring, it is pretty. How do you pronounce Tamsin?

    These are my twins, Allison Jane and Michaela Olivia. We call them Allie and Kaela.

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    Say: Hi, Miranda!
    Think: Lovely name for a lovely girl with good nickname possibilties...Mira for a girly girl, Randi for a tomboy.... like, like, like....

    Meet my daughter, Mayana.

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    Say: Hello there!
    Think: I've never heard the name Mayana before. I could see her going by either Maya or Ana. Its really a pretty name.

    Meet my boy/girl twins: Mary-Campbell Lana & Jude Lysander

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    Say: "Hey there kids! What darlings."

    Think: Mary-Campbell doesn't make much sense to be paired together, and really its just pretty plain and kind of awkward to all say together. Say it out loud and it almost sounds like Mary-Campbellana. Jude Lysander is okay, but I've never been a fan of Lysander and Jude I've never thought much of. Mary and Jude are both very classic pairings.

    "These are my lovely girls, Zelda Fiametta and Blithe Philomena."
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    Say: Nice to meet you both! Gorgeous names for gorgeous girls, no doubt.

    Think: I love those middles for sisters! I've never personally loved Zelda, but I can see it working on the right person (like Robin William's daughter!) I've always loved Blythe, and the Blithe spelling is quite lovely as well.

    "I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Truett Sarah"

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