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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi Kelly!
    Think: Pretty name but I don't like Arianna as a MN

    This is my 2nd cousin, Lillian Noel

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    Say: Hi Lillian!
    Think: Noel sounds too Christmassy.

    This is my neighbor, Kylee Michelle

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    Say: how cute!
    Think: ugh, another Kylee?!

    This is my daughter, Viola Ivy and my nephew, Griffon Heath.
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    Say: "Hey there kids!"

    Think: Viola is becoming popular, and Ivy is becoming a staple middle name. I've never liked Griffon, or the nickname Griff. Heath is alright.

    "This is my niece, Amity Ruth and her brother, Felix Darwin."
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    Say: Hi Amity and Felix!
    Think: Amity Ruth is a lovely combo. I like Felix and it sounds nice with Amity, but the association with Charles Darwin and the Aussie city is too strong for me to consider Darwin usable.

    "These are my two cousins, Ivy Paloma & Remus Theon."

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