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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello!
    Think: Love the names, but not the nicknames, though Ebba is unique but NMS.

    These are my twins, Lucy Ariadne and Matthias Orion, who goes by Matt.
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    Say: Hello, nice to meet you!
    Think: I love those names...they're the perfect combination of of interesting and unusual, and sound so lovely together.

    These are my children, Charles David, Nora Jane, and Theodore Ray. They go by Charlie, Nora, and Theo.

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    cristinamariane Guest
    Hi kids
    Think: They're nice names, but I'm a bit bored by them.

    Meet my daughters Clarabel (Clary) and Calumina (Callie).

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    Say: Hello Clary and Callie!
    Think: Hm. They're a bit too matchy together for my tastes. Clarabel is a bit frilly, but Clary is very cute and wearable. I wonder which one she'll go by more when she gets older? Calumina must be a feminine form of Calum, but I've never encountered it before. I wonder if it's legitimate? It's interesting. Callie is cute.

    These are my sons, Aubrey Felix and Rowan Alexander.

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    Say: Hi, Aubrey and Rowan.

    Think: Aubrey makes me think of a girl, probably because of it's closeness with Audrey. I do like it more than Audrey, though, and it doesn't seem like a bad name for a boy to wear, especially with the middle name Felix. I've liked that name for quite a while. Rowan has never been one of my favorites, for some reason, but Alexander is a family name for me. For that reason, I'll always be fond of Alexander, no matter how old of a name it is. Rowan and Alexander are a good match, though, and that name could definitely grow on me.

    These are my daughters, Katherine Ford and Elizabeth Alexander. They go by Kate and Lulu.

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