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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello!
    Think: That's quite a load!

    Liora Marie Elizabeth - Liora is a very intriguing name that sounds rather nice. Marie Elizabeth sounds nice, but the only thing that comes to mind are filler middle names. Marie especially.
    Georgiana Katherine Penelope - Georgiana Katherine is beautiful! But I think Penelope is a bit too...long? It doesn't fit in, although it is a pretty name.
    Courtney Francescha Bethany - I never liked Courtney...I prefer Francesca spelled this way, but I adore Bethany (nn Bess or Beth)
    Jennifer Hannah Josephina - Jennifer is pretty, but awfully dated and overused. Hannah is nice, nms, but still it's very nice. I prefer Josephine over Josephina.
    Mauve January Vivianne - Love Mauve, and January is a guilty pleasure. I like Vivianne too, but spelled Vivienne. Mauve Janury Vivianne is a nice, if a bit long.

    My cousin Emmeline Mireille and her mother Matilda Rosamund.
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    Say: Hello there!
    Think: Emmeline Mireille seems like a bit of a tongue-twister to me for some reason, but I can't quite decide where it is exactly that I'm get tripped up. I like both Emmeline and Mireille a lot, though. Matilda Rosamund is absolutely gorgeous. I think that's a perfect combination.

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    Say: Hello! How cute! I love it!
    Think: One delicate name and then one interesting and unique Interesting.

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    cristinamariane Guest
    Hi Mary-Lynn
    Think: I truly dislike this whole name.

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    Say: Hello Rasia!!
    Think: Sorry, but this name isn't my style at all. But it's great that it honors your mom

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