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Thread: Easter CAF

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    Easter CAF

    Easter CAF
    For each namebank, I picked a name related to Easter or spring, plus a handful from the “Names Similar to” tab on its page. You may use the names as nicknames (example: Candy can be short for Candace). I know a lot of these names are silly, but this is just a game, so let's have some fun!

    DW (Spring): Blossom, April, Fidelia, Fernanda, October
    DH (Spring): Loki, Locke, Zyler, Fort, Cosimo

    -DD1 (Spring): Whitley, Titian, Snowdrop, Candy, Melodia
    -DH (Holiday): Kemuel, Cannon, Harvard, Maison, Hero
    --DD1 (Lily): Alice, Catherine, Aurora, Audrey, Ava

    -DD2 (Easter): Delight, Carabelle, Galilee, Lula, Essence
    -DH (Sunday): Taylor, Bowen, Sutton, Will, Calloway
    --DD1 (Lily): Daisy, Clara, Belle, Charlotte, Emma

    -DD3 (Easter): Heavenly, Petal, Prairie, Bunny, Pleasant
    -DH (Pascal): Bernard, Clarence, Booker, Roland, Warren

    -DD4 (Bunny): Season, Jubilee, Nebula, Strawberry, Candela
    -DH (Pascal): Ulysses, Kale, Bix, Enzo, Rupert

    -DD5 (April): Donna, Amethyst, Henriette, Rosalyn, Summer
    -DD6 (April): October, Lynda, Spring, Star, Claudette
    -DD7 (Lily): Isabel, Iris, Rose, James, Matilda

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    DH: Loki Zyler (51)
    DW: Fernanda April "Frtn" (50)
    DD1: Whitley Snowdrop (27)
    DD2: Carabelle Delight "Cara" (25)
    DD3: Heavenly Petal "Heaven" (23)
    DD4: Candela Jubilee "Dellie" (22)
    DD5: Amethyst Summer (20)
    DD6: Lynda October "Lyndie" (17)
    DD7: Iris James (15)
    Loki and Fern; Whitley, Cara, Heaven, Dellie, Amethyst, Lydie and Iris
    DD1: Whitley Snowdrop (27)
    DH: Harvard Cannon "Harvey" (27)
    DD: Aurora Alice "Rory" (NB)
    Harvey and Whitley; Rory
    DD2: Carabelle Delight "Cara" (25)
    DH: Calloway Taylor "Cal" (28)
    DD: Emma Daisy (2)
    Cal and Cara; Emma
    DD3: Heavenly Petal "Heaven" (23)
    DH: Booker Roland (23)
    Booker and Heaven
    DD4: Candela Jubilee "Dellie" (22)
    DH: Enzo Ulysses (24)
    Enzo and Dellie

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