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Thread: Think/Say

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    Dec 2011
    Say: Hello, Russell!
    Think: Every Russell I've ever known was always a jerk. O_o

    Hi, this is my cousin Sherene.
    21-year-old boy who just happens to like baby names.

    Girls: Amberley, Astrid, Athena, Cypress, Darcy, Kassia,
    Kimberley, Laurel, Lindsay, Lisandra, Lissette, Maryelle, Misty,
    Rosemarie, Saba, Sabine, Sky, Thalia

    Boys: Alexander, Bjorn, Blair, Erik, Fable, Isaac, Kasey, Layne,
    Mark, Maverick, Montana, Riley, River, Sage, Satchel,
    Shane, Shea, Shepherd, Slade, Thatcher, Zander, Zane

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    Say: Hi, Sherene. That's a cool name.
    Think: Okay, so apparently Serenity and Shery weren't enough

    This is my daughter, Elyse. She goes by Elle.
    Kaelynn Mae, 15, Writer/Music Enthusiast
    I'm mostly here to write lists and find names for my characters.
    Currently adoring: Alice and Holden

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    Jun 2011
    Say: Hi Elle, nice to meet you.
    Think: Elyse is pretty and I don't think it needs the nickname Elle.

    This is my son Emanuel.

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    Nov 2011
    Say: Hi Emanuel! What a lovely name.
    Think: After Tommy Emanuel? The guitarist? Rock on!

    This is my daughter, Bethany

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    Jun 2011
    Say: Hi Bethany, nice to meet you.
    Think: It's nice but not my style.

    This is my son Simon.

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