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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jun 2011
    Say: Hi girls, nice to meet you.
    Think: I like Hazel, Olivia and Olive although Olivia and Olive are too close for siblings in my opinion, even if they are just middle names. I don't really care for Auburn.

    This is my daughter Jordan.

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    Sep 2011
    Washington, DC
    Say: Hi Jordan.
    Think: I love this name, and it's one of the few that I think are truly unisex.

    This is my daughter Guinevere and my son Tristan, they go by Gwen and Tane.
    Plenty of novel babies but no real ones for a few more years.
    Currently loving on:
    Siobhan, Eleanor, Catherine, Bridget, Lenore, Matilda, Adelaide, Cosima, Genevieve
    Arthur, William, Percival, Spencer, Henry, Felix, Nathaniel, Gatsby, Holden, Miles
    Fur baby: Roger

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    Rochester, NY
    Say: Wow! What lovely classical names.
    Think: I like the literary nod, but together these sound a bit too heavy.

    This is my son Everett.

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    Apr 2011
    Say: Nice to meet you Everett.
    Think: I like the name but it does seem a bit old fashioned, seems to be used more now so that impression will probably fade with time.

    This is our little one, Abra Rose. We use both names.

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    Say: how sweet!
    Think:good think they say both names, otherwise she's going to constantly be called Abba

    Hi this is my daughter Scarlett
    Not expecting, just collecting!

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