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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jul 2011
    Say: Hello!
    Think: Sylvester is all Loony Toons, and Vester is awful - it makes me think of invester, and Uncle Fester, and it sounds like some sort of super villain. Sylvan would have been lovely.

    These are my sons, Locke and Caine.

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    Say: What lovely boys.
    Think: Locke? Shouldn't the other one be called Key? Caine's a solid choice though, slight deviant spelling from the biblical but whatever, it's not been butchered.

    These are my twins, Emilia who we call Milly, and George.

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    Say: Hello, Milly and George! Your names are so pretty.
    Think: They really are lovely, although they're not my favourites. Emilia is a feminine and lively twist on an evergreen, timeless name, whereas George is classic, so much that it seems a little bland when paired with Emilia. However, Milly and George are perfect.

    I'd like you to meet my daughter, Hermione Liesl, whom we call Hermia.

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    Say: Hi, Hermia! That's so interesting, I love Shakespeare characters' names.

    Think: Hermione and Hermia are both Shakespeare characters, but I think Hermione has a much prettier sound, though I'm not too wild about either. 'Hermia' sounds too much like 'hernia,' and doesn't sound like a natural shortening of 'Hermione.'

    This is my daughter, Dara.
    College student, no kids, storyteller, writer, actor, pirate, name enthusiast.
    Favorite names since age three: Lucinda and Percival.

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    Say: Hi, Dara! What a pretty dress/headband/shoes/etc.
    Think: I like it. The shortness makes it not too girly, yet clearly a girl. And she one be one of a million Bellas.

    These are my kids Addison, Calla, and Jack.

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