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Thread: Think/Say

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    Aug 2011
    Were his parents old west fans? It just seems strange to me.

    These are my daughters, Jane and Rory. Rory's full name is Florence.

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    Jul 2011
    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: Jane and Rory? Really? I don't like any. Jane, Rory or Florence.

    These are my twins Jolie and Evanna.

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    Jul 2011
    Say: Hi Ladies

    Think: Love Jolie and Evanna but I prefer it spelled Ivanna

    This is my daughter Anniston

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Jul 2011
    Say: Hello dear, can I call you Annie?
    Think: I'm not really on board with the whole surnames for first names - generally - but Annie would make a cute nickname!

    This is my daughter Stella Sparrow.

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    Say: Hi Stella.
    Think: I love Stella and Sparrow's a cool nickname. I wonder where it came from, were they Doctor Who fans but didn't want to use Sally Sparrow?

    This is my daughter Brigid, we call her Britta, and my son Malachi, we call him Chi.
    Plenty of novel babies but no real ones for a few more years.
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