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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say:Hi,Stella!Nice to meet you!
    Think:Love the name Stella,HATE the name Serphina!Not really sure how to pronunce it!?!

    This is my daughter Alexandria Raine.I call her Alex for short.
    <3 Name Lover !! <3

    Please vote on my names list!!!

    Thank you!!!!!

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    Jul 2011
    Say: Hi Alex

    Think: I hate Alex on girl's it is a boys name!! and the "ria" part clashes with Raine

    This is my son Dominic Matthew

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Aug 2011
    Say: Hi!
    Think: I really like this name. Probably wouldn't use it, though.

    These are my daughters, Jane and Lisa.

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    Jun 2011
    Say: Hi girls nice to meet you.
    Think: My name is Lisa so I suppose I have to like it lol. Jane is just kind of boring.

    This is my daughter Nyla.

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    United States
    Hello Nyla!
    Cute, but I can only think of the dog toy/bone company NylaBone.

    Meet my son Ambrose.

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