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Thread: Think/Say

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    Re: Think/Say

    Hi Njord!(?)
    Hmm I really tempted to say Jord every time and it's hard not to put a question tone to it because I feel like I'm pronouncing it wrong.

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    Re: Think/Say

    "Hi Richter, where are you from?"

    Not that bad, would probably fit in here in SA if the 'ch' is pr. with a 'catch-in-the-throat' sound like the Scottish 'och'. However, there is the Richter Scale for measuring earthquakes - not a wonderful association if you're not into geography.

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    Re: Think/Say

    Hi Electra!
    It's okay. It does sort of sound like a stripper name though.

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    Re: Think/Say

    Say: Hey Kincaid, that's very unusual!

    Think: What the heck? Sounds like a type of insurance company... or maybe some brightly coloured supermarket-own-brand fizzy drink which nobody ever really buys.

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    Re: Think/Say

    Say: Hi Margo Evangeline!
    Think: I like both names, but they don't have the greatest flow together.

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