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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi kids!

    Think: I love Eliza Jane the rest not so much. Leigh is okay but I prefer Lee.

    My boys Abner Donegal and Felix Uriah ran down the street to get their sister Simone Mahala. She's visiting her best friend Vienna Carmen but they should be right back if you'd like to meet them.

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    Say: I'd love to
    Think: Love Vienna, Mahala is okay. The rest are nms.

    Would you like to meet my daughter.. This is Kallie Renae, her and three of her best friends Juniper Lake *Juni*, Hannah Jordan and Baden Carter are heading to the movies.
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    Say: Hey.
    Think: I don't really like this sibset. I love Juniper but not with another word name. Hannah Jordan and Baden Carter fit but I dislike the names. Juniper and Carter would have been nice.

    Margo Ruth has dance this evening.

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    Say : That's great ! I love dancing .

    Think : Such a beautiful name !

    Unfortunately my oldest daughter Persephone doesn't like to dance . Sephia prefers skating . But her youngest sisters Ariadne & Ophelia adore dancing ! Especially ballet .
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    Say: My daughter is a skater too!
    Think: I love Ariadne and Persphone, and Sephia is interesting not only as a nn, but could be a cool stand alone name. I also quite like Ophelia (now I know one).

    This is my daughter, Musette Amadea Pari. We're going shopping later to get a costume for her first ice skating competition.
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