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Thread: Think/Say

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    Re: Think/Say

    This is my daughter Lilac

    SAY: Hi, Lilac

    THINK: AWESOME NAME!!!! I'd never use it, but I love seeing it on a person.

    SAY: Have you met my daughters, Juniper and Maya?
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    Re: Think/Say

    Say: HI Lilac! Wonderfull name!

    Think: I really like it, but i feel that the c at the end is a bit unecessary, I'd go with Lila.

    Say: HI Juniper and Maya! Pretty names!

    Think: I really like Juniper is so strong, simple and unique, and I also like Maya, because it is wondefull. I think it is a cool sibset. The only disagrement I see is that Maya is quite popular and Juniper really unusual.

    Meet my daugther: Isis
    Pilar, 20, med student.

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    Re: Think/Say

    Meet my daugther: Isis

    Say: Hello, Isis! What a cool name!
    Think: I don't like this name for some reason. Just isn't my taste.

    Hi, this is my daughter Serenity.
    19 year old name addict

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    Re: Think/Say

    Say: hello Serenity!
    Think: hmmm, its a mouthful but doesn't have enough good qualities to make the name worth it. Serena seems much less awkward and flows a lot better... might just be that i don't think words ending in 'ty' sound like girls' names, though (Trinity, Liberty etc.) there's something clunky about it maybe.

    this is my son, Rex Edmund
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    Re: Think/Say

    Hi Rex, Do you like Dinosaurs?

    Mr, T-Rex Edmund.

    These are my daughters, Jemima nicknamed Jemi(Prn like Jimmy), Romona nicknamed Mona and my youngest Aurelia nicknamed Aurie(Prn Are-ee)

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