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Thread: Think/Say

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    *Alessandra Joelle is very excited for her pagent this week!

    Say: Well, good luck!
    Think: I prefer Alexandra and Joelle feels a little dated to me.

    *This is my daughter Emilia Belle and my son Dashiell Ricardo.

    Say: Hello you two!
    Think: Emilia Belle is a beautiful combination and Dashiell is my favourite boys name! Its great you've honoured your brother in law.

    This is my daughter Aria Elowen. She's beginning school next week.
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    Say: Hi Aria.

    Think: Neither name is my style.

    My cousins just arrived today from France for a visit. Let me introduce Sylvie Francoise, Fabienne Catarina and Delphine Elodie. Their brother Audric Cyril, we call him Audie, has been here for about a year attending university and they've all come to see how he's doing.
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    Say: Hello! Welcome!
    Think: I don't love Sylvie Francoise, Fabienne or Audric Cyril. Catarina is cute, and I like Delphine Elodie.

    My eldest daughter, Elowen Eva Marie was given a car on her sixteenth birthday. She got her drivers license yesterday, and is very excited to be driving without an adult in the car! Isla Cerys Noelle is thirteen, and cannot wait to have a car and a licence like her elder sister!

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    Say: Congratulations to Elowen. Not too long for Isla to wait now!
    Think: Both combos are very elegant sounding, and I love Elowen and Isla for siblings, so lovely!

    My little ones have a while to wait before driving! The quads, Scarlett Amelia, Brody Graham, Hudson Luke, and Oscar James, are ten, and their little sister Piper Eloise is three. We're planning to add one more to our family, and then it will be complete.
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    Say: Wow! I think five is quite complete as it is!
    Think: I like Piper Eloise, Oscar James, Scarlett Amelia & Hudson Luke but don't like Brody Graham. They all work well together.

    Mine are far away from driving cars but Birdie Aurelia & Clio Hermione love riding horses!

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