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Thread: Think/Say

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    May 2013
    Say: Hi, girls! I like your names!
    Think: Lydia Violet is gorgeous. Aria Maeve isn't my style. Aria's gotten somewhat trendy, and Maeve just has a really unpleasant sound to my ears.

    This is my son, Archer Quentin.
    Teen writer, pianist, sci-fi geek, cat-owner and name enthusiast.

    Calvin Augustus ~ Matilda Josephine
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    Say: Hi Archer!
    Think: Archer is cool, and I love Quentin! I hope he is called "Archie" as a nn, because that is way cute.

    These are my kids Millicent Ruby, Edwin Tobias, Augustus George and Delphine Sylvia.
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    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: I really do not like the girls first names, but I think the names are really cute!

    These are my children, Cassiopeia, Muses & Apollo.
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    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Smilla (6-5-09), Noah (29-5-10), Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & Alex (18-12-14)

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    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: Not a fan of the names for personal and religious reasons.

    These are my daughters, Paetynn Grace and Kynnedi Rose.

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    "The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman."
    (Stolen from @tabby)

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    Say: Hi! nice to meet you.

    Think: If I could hear those spellings, I would pity the girls for having to explain them the rest of their lives, and I can't imagine a grown woman named Kynnedi. If I just heard the names, I would think the Payton or Peyton and Kennedy actually go well together, but are not my style. I like Rose and Grace but they are overused as middle names, IMO.

    This is my son, Hawthorne Clark, and his friend, Leander Jonas.

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