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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi!

    Think: Alexis on a boy? Not my style at all...I'd much rather see it on a girl any day. Hugo is nice and soft.

    This is my little surfer, Isla Delphine.
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    Say: Hi Isla!
    Think: I don't like it...
    Hi, meet my daughter Jane Marie

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    Say: Hi, Isla! I love your name!
    Think: That's so pretty. My cousin is named Isla, and I think it's such a great name. Delphine is gorgeous.

    Say: Hi Jane. Do you get called Janie?
    Think: Very's nice, but a little boring.

    Meet my daughter Felicity Katherine and her cousin Elsa Jane.
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    Say: Aw, such cute, girly names.
    Think: Unique and traditional, but Elsa sounds kind of like an old lady to me.

    Hi, meet my daughter, Kyra Mackenzie, and my son, Ezra Thomas.

    Chelsea Marie.
    Sixteen year old, future journalist who loves names.
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    Say: Hi Kyra and Ezra.
    Think: those are cute name. They aren't really my style but i kinda like Kyra and flows well with Mackenzie. Ezra Thomas is cute too.

    These are my sons Jacob Pierce and Elias Joel, and my daughter Aiyana Gracelyn.
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