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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi there kids!

    Think: Leila Ivy is really lovely, very feminine and appealing. There are some western flavored names, Wyatt & Austin, that I like but Colton isn't one of them it's just too much. Reed is nice though. I hate Morgan for a girl, Morgana works better. Plus Morgan clashes with the femininity of not only Leila but Violet, which is beautiful, as well.

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    Say: Hello kids
    Think: King Arthur fanatic? Probably. Igraine is a name that has grown on me. Naomi is nice, but I heard it a lot a couple of years ago. This name flows really nicely. Pandora for me always sounds mysterious, but almost evil (thinking Pandora's box). Elaine is a middle aged woman's name to me. Pandora Elaine has an ok flow, but I'm not wild about the name overall. Owen Arthur is a good name for a boy. Owen is young and masculine and Arthur is mature and masculine. I think it's a great name. I think the little clues that tie Naomi and Owen to the tales of King Arthur is lovely. Your should have incorporated that into Pandora's name as well though.

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    Say: Hey there Zizi and Evander! Such cool kids.

    Think: I love Z names, and this name is so unique and awesome, I love it. Blaire helps, as it tames it down while keeping the meaning of the name interesting and cohesive. "Bird that dwells on the plain", very nature and I love it. And Zizi is a cute nickname too. It would be hard to become a doctor named Zipphorah, but she probably wouldn't be a doctor, which is just fine in my book!

    As for Evander Bryson... that just pales in comparison, and almost makes me feel like her name was more thought out and meant more to the parents.

    "These are my daughters, Nephele "Effie" Una and Jora Persephone. One born in spring, the other autumn. Try to guess which is which?"

    (neph-ell-ee) (oo-na) and (jo-rah) (per-seph-oh-nee)
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    Say: Very unique names, I love Persephone! I'm not sure if I could guess at all...

    Think: The others are not really my style, though I do know a wonderful Nepheli and I love Effie. Jora and Una are definitely unheard of in a good way.

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    Say: Hi Lola and Flicka!
    Think: What pretty names! I love Eloise and Felicity, I wish she hadn't shortened them. Flicka reminds me of that movie about the horse. I don't love Odette, but it does sound nice with Eloise Odette. Willow is a favourite, but I prefer Felicity Willa.

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