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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jun 2012
    Say: Hi!
    Think: I've never heard of Carina, it's rather similar to Corina, which has a lovely sound, Carina does as well. I don't like Renata a lot, because I associate it with too much people! Where I live, Renatas are common, and I know a dozen of them. So it doesn't do anything for me..As a sibset, they sound very nice, while not being too matchy, they go along perfectly well.

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    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: Great names, love Circe.

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    Say: Hello Wyatt!
    Think: I could see this name belonging to the main character in a 60s western. I wouldn't use it, but overall I like it.

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    Say: Hi Rachel, what a pretty name.

    Think: What a common name.

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    Hi Damali
    Think: not sure what to make of this name. I want to like it, but I can't. Unless I got to call her Dame, then I would love it.

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