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Thread: Think/Say

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    Hi Liliana
    Think: I like the nn Lily and the full name Lilia better than I like Liliana, but it is pretty.

    Hi, meet my daughter Prunella. You can call her Pru. (please vote!)

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    Say: Hi Pru!
    Think: I don't like Prunella very much. I want to, but I think the "prune" sound turns me off. It's a shame, because I think that Pru is absolutely adorable, but I haven't found a way to get to it that I really like yet. Prunella's full of nickname potential even though I'm not very fond of it - Nell or Nella would be cute too.

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    Say: Hi kids
    Think: hmm interesting names which probably come with pronunciation issues

    This is my daughter Avabelle Rose (nn Ava or Ava Rose) and her best friends Harriet Victoria (nn Hattie), Georgiana Lily (nn Georgie), Rian James (nn RJ) and Kyrani Grace (nn Rani)
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    Say: Hello kids!
    Think: Harriet Victoria and Georgiana Lily are gorgeous. I really don't like Avabelle and Kyrani. Just Rani would have been really interesting and lovely! I like some smooshes, but Avabelle does nothing for me. It's prissy, lacking substance, and somehow not as pretty as either Ava or Isabelle. Rian James is bland, and I don't love the Rian spelling. Overall it's a really diverse group of names!

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    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: Ileana is alright and I prefer Misha for a girl.

    This is my daughter June Clementine.

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