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Thread: Think/Say

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    Apr 2012
    Say: Hi that's a sweet name
    Think: Flockheart, that's it... I didn't even watch Ally McBeal and it's that programed in my head haha

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    Aug 2011
    Texas, USA
    (No new name was given, so I'll respond to the second-to-last post.)

    Say: Hi, Callista!
    Think: Beautiful name. I like it quite a bit.

    These are my sons Noah and Benjamin, and this is the new baby Laurel Victoria.

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    May 2012
    Handsome, classic names on the boys, and a slightly offbeat girls' name paired with something strong and regal. Failsafe.

    Annabel Juno Clare

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    May 2012
    Can't wait to leave, Oklahoma
    Hi, Annabel! I love that name.
    Think: Annabel and Clare are great, but Juno seems out of place.

    These are my twin daughters Ella Rose and Julia Eve, and my new son Carlton Ray

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    Say: Hello girls, how are you? Ooh, What a cute baby boy!
    Think: I like Ella Rose and Julia Eve. They are both very cute, but a little bit boring. Carlton just makes me think of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    This is our newborn son, Frederick Elias.

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