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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jun 2011
    Say: Hi Nico, nice to meet you.
    Think: I love Nicholas but not Nico. I like Nick as a nickname.

    This is my daughter Maya.

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    Oct 2011
    Say: Hi Maya, how are you?
    Think: not super keen on this name, but don't hate it either

    Meet my daughter Adelaide Sienna & her best friend Indigo Lorelie 'Ada & Indie'

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    Jun 2011
    Say: Hi girls, nice to meet you.
    Think: Adelaide Sienna is beautiful but I don't care for Indigo Lorelie. I like Lorelie but spelled as Lorelai.

    This is my daughter Chastity.

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    Nov 2011
    Say: Hi Chastity!
    Think: That's a mouthful. It's pretty, but I hope it doesn't get her picked on in high school.

    Meet my twins, Patience Anne and Declan Elvis.
    Mother to Evelyn Heather and Callum Richard

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    Washington, DC
    Say: Hi Chastity. Do you have a nickname?
    Think: It's cute but I'm not a fan of virtue names, especially Chastity. What happens when she's a teenager and starts having sex? The nicknmame Chaz is cute though.

    Woops, posted at the same time.

    Say: Hi kids.
    Think: I love the name Patience in theory, but I'm not big on virtue names in practice. Anne is a great middle name. Declan's fabulous. Elvis on the other hand really sticks out in a bad way.

    These are my kids Louisa Minette and Jude Malachi, they're twins. We call Louisa 'Lucy'.
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