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    Re: Adair...Sassy and cool or just plain weird?

    I think it sounds very pretty, but to me that's not enough for a name. Adair is a version of Edgar, so is there really any special meaning behind the name for you? When my mom said she picked my name because "she saw it in a name book and liked it" it made me sad. I would love to have been named after a person, have a name with a meaning I can connect to, or just be able to see a strong women in a history book I can identify with for sharing my name. I can't really see Adair fitting the bill for any of those, though.

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    Adair is a pretty name! If she ever grows tired if it or gets teased she can always go by Addy/Addie or Ada. Those aren't very obvious nicknames for example Nick from Nicholas but it can work! I think Adair is so beautiful if you don't use it I will.
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    I really like it! I do think that if a friend used my daughter's unique middle name as their daughter's first name I would want a heads up before the baby was born. I think it's important to give a bit of warning, a bit of credit for the name idea, ect when you are using a name inspired by someone in your life. I do hear "A dare" which could result in teasing quite easily. Of course any name could be mocked, but I easily imagine kids saying something like they wouldn't kiss her on "a dare"'s easy to think something up for Adair. Even considering that I really love the name. I think it's appealing to people who loved Addie names and eventually heard too much of them and wanted something the same, but different. The popularity of those Addie names is what might make Adair get mistaken as Adele or Adelaide or whatnot. Aside from having to repeat it when someone mishears it, I think Adair is very straightforward.

    If you're open to boys names on girls I think that Adlai is soft enough to work & has similar appeal.

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    I love the name Adair...on a boy.To me it's just not a girl's name.
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    I like it. Simple, cute, and not too out there IMHO.

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