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    Re: What do you think of Crew?

    All the best,

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    :smile: I have a Crew Porter!! He's 6 now and no other name would do! We stumbled across the name at a Baseball game, one of my husbands friends was sitting near & had a JCrew shirt on.His friend said name him Crew... after much thought about how different the name would be we still kept the name. Now I couldn't imagine not having our Crew!!

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    I really like Crew. I would use it for a first name even. I like it loads better than Cruz, which sounds . . . less clean-cut. It pairs very well with William and could work with any number of first or middle names. I'm a fan.

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    I have always LOVED Crew. We wanted to use it but it is too close to our last name.

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    I love it! I agree that a middle name is probably best especially if it flows well with your first name pick and I bet your mil would be overjoyed to have her maiden name make it to the baby's name.....I would go for it!

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