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Thread: Name sightings

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    Dec 2012
    I play soccer and I referee the younger kids' games, and today I had boys and girls between the ages of 9-11. The names I found particularly great/interesting were:


    and twins Elizabeth nn Biz and Bryn
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    I'm in the US and I have two Linus's and two Quentin's in my class. Thought that was unusual as neither are among the most popular for 2007/8 when they were born. There are also two Everett's between the three classrooms. Interesting to see what is trending each year with the new class lists!
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    Went to visit my old school today and couldn't help but taking a look on the list of all the students attending the school and stumbled upon some really cool, quite unusual (for Denmark) and fun names (the school is in the heart of Copenhagen, our capital, and is about as hipster as it can possibly get):

    BOYS: Alfred, Baloo, Bertil (with the middle name H@lfdan), Cornelius, Dion, Enzo, Eske, Georg, Glenn, Hans Christian (but not followed by Andersen), Holger, Ian, Ivan, Jens Christian, Julius (x2), Laurens, Leo, Louie, Malcolm, Otto (x2), Prince, Sigurd, Snorre, Thorvald, Toke, Valentin, Villads (x2), Vincent and Xenius.

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    Compared to shvibziks' my news is very minimal wow...what a list....

    I met a little girl named Cali over the weekend and she had twin baby sisters, Cami and Coni. They were all so adorable and Cali 4 yrs. doated on those little babies like they were her Christmas presents!

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    I'm in the US and my coworker named his son Dublin and their new daughter Zozie Belle.

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