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Thread: Name sightings

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    Quote Originally Posted by philippahd View Post
    A family moved in a few doors down from us recently and my mum was talking to the father. She told me that his children's names are Annabelle, Josephine & William. So cute!
    What a cute combo.
    At school, I heard somebody named Demetrius.
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    spotted at docs today - sibset Raphael, Linda and Asia

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    Met an awesome early 20 yr old Havanna today. I've always thought the name was pretty but didn't know how it would work in real life. She got a few compliments on her name while we were introducing ourselves.

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    Watched a Javier Bardem film today which featured some lovely names: Florentino, Fermina and Olimpia.
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    Saw on twitter a sibset of Sailor (b), Hazzard (b) and Riley (g). Not sure what to make of Hazzard but I like Sailor & Riley. We're actually beginning to consider Sailor for #3.
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