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    Also, another friend recently welcomed her second son, Senan Cohen, brother for Cael Quinn. A friend of hers just welcomed Marcus Ettan, brother for Aanya and Laila. Kids who I've met at work (cafe/cinema) are: (semi colons between sibsets) Kitty and Mabel; Alinta, Solomon nn Soli and Eamon; Ossian and Echo (girl) (their little cousin is Archibald nn Archie); Matilda nn Tiggy; Ava and Neve; Jock; Harper (boy) and Everson nn Evvy (girl); Silas, Finn (twins), Nellie, Casper and Frankie (b/g twins); Sonny and Olive; Ochre Blue (boy) and Alchemy (girl) (found out through family friends they have 3 little girl cousins named Wren, Sage and Nia); Essie and Alice; Annika and Ollie (girl, not short for anything); Oscar Willow; River Jane; Manon nn Mannie; Zeke, Dante and Eligh (twins); Caleb, Levi and Evie Joy;
    Kids I have babysat are: Wynne and Peregrine nn Pip; Raphael Leo nn Raffy and Maya Malika; Jarrah Edwin Jack, Malakai John nn Kai, Luka David and Joseph Roger nn Joe; Taro (boy), Hanako (girl) and Sascha Jade; Marlo (boy) and Wynifred Heaven nn Wyni; Demi June and D'cota Lili-Mae (cringe, but she was exceptionally cute); Yvette Alice and Isaiah Joel nn Iji; Ruby May and Neko Jane; Virginia Angela nn Ginny, Georgina Beverly nn Georgie, Richard Evatt and Edward Dane (twins); Ruby Elizabeth and Jasper James; Viva Alvina Ferdinandina (yep), Elias nn Eli and Emmanuel (twins); Yau Ka and Sunday (both boys, from Hong Kong); Emily Mia nn Milly and Evie Grace; Elke Willow, Oscar Vittorio and Nimowei Blixa nn Nim/Nimi; Iona Mavourneen and Dylan Harry; Emmet Dai and Phoenix Anne; Emilia nn Mimi, Gianluca nn Gian (pr Jahn) and Timon.
    But the crowning glory of naming stories in my sweet little town is the one I'm always telling on name sites.... siblings Chevrolet nn Chevy (boy), Elcamino nn Momo (girl) and the baby girl Rocket 88 Berry Lullaby. Seriously.
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