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    Also, another friend recently welcomed her second son, Senan Cohen, brother for Cael Quinn. A friend of hers just welcomed Marcus Ettan, brother for Aanya and Laila. Kids who I've met at work (cafe/cinema) are: (semi colons between sibsets) Kitty and Mabel; Alinta, Solomon nn Soli and Eamon; Ossian and Echo (girl) (their little cousin is Archibald nn Archie); Matilda nn Tiggy; Ava and Neve; Jock; Harper (boy) and Everson nn Evvy (girl); Silas, Finn (twins), Nellie, Casper and Frankie (b/g twins); Sonny and Olive; Ochre Blue (boy) and Alchemy (girl) (found out through family friends they have 3 little girl cousins named Wren, Sage and Nia); Essie and Alice; Annika and Ollie (girl, not short for anything); Oscar Willow; River Jane; Manon nn Mannie; Zeke, Dante and Eligh (twins); Caleb, Levi and Evie Joy;
    Kids I have babysat are: Wynne and Peregrine nn Pip; Raphael Leo nn Raffy and Maya Malika; Jarrah Edwin Jack, Malakai John nn Kai, Luka David and Joseph Roger nn Joe; Taro (boy), Hanako (girl) and Sascha Jade; Marlo (boy) and Wynifred Heaven nn Wyni; Demi June and D'cota Lili-Mae (cringe, but she was exceptionally cute); Yvette Alice and Isaiah Joel nn Iji; Ruby May and Neko Jane; Virginia Angela nn Ginny, Georgina Beverly nn Georgie, Richard Evatt and Edward Dane (twins); Ruby Elizabeth and Jasper James; Viva Alvina Ferdinandina (yep), Elias nn Eli and Emmanuel (twins); Yau Ka and Sunday (both boys, from Hong Kong); Emily Mia nn Milly and Evie Grace; Elke Willow, Oscar Vittorio and Nimowei Blixa nn Nim/Nimi; Iona Mavourneen and Dylan