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Thread: Name sightings

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    Nov 2017
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Was looking through the most popular names in Sweden in 2012 (because my neighbours in Sweden have a disturbingly great taste in names) and these were my absolute favourites (full list):
    Boys: Oscar, Hugo, Alexander, Vincent, Theo, Edvin, Melvin, Alfred, Max, Sixten, Theodor, Felix, Gabriel, Samuel, Maximilian, Henry.
    Girls: Maja, Alva, Wilma, Agnes, Olivia, Alicia, Ellen, Freja, Saga, Emilia, Astrid, Alma, Vera, Ester, Selma, Felicia, Matilda, Sofia, Nora, Filippa, Ingrid, Emmy, Vilda, Anna, Hedvig.

    Also, some "unusual" gems:
    Boys: Ville, Neo, Vilgot, Hampus, Vidar, Sigge.
    Girls: Nova, Moa, Tuva, Lova, Emelie, Juni, Tindra.

    Look at these gorgeous names and tell me the Swedes don't have an excellent taste in names, I dare you!
    Zelia • 20s • Exporting names from Greenland & Inuit mythology
    Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Henry Ásgeirr Saxo • Asa Bjørnstjerne Ivik • Nor Valdemar Olórin • Dante Endymion Sejr

    Vilde Ivalo Zenobia • Asta Cosima Gro • Léa Ingrid Cleopatra • Aviaaja Nanna Lúthien "Avi" • Vicky Noor Galadriel • Gro Anouk Regitze

    And currently loving: Edison, Julian, Pemba, Sander, Ville, Johanna, Juliane, Liv, Madicken, Saga

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    Ran into Shadalia at a McDonald's today. Pronounced Shuh-DALE-yuh.
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    Zelia; I love Sixten, Ville, Tindra & Vilda so much! Beautiful names.

    I met sisters Saskia & India yesterday, they were gorgeous little blonde pigtailed 3-year old's in Arsenal-tees and funky shorts.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Oregon, USA
    My friend just had a daughter: Sigourney Anne : LOVE it
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Considerations for our next child's name: Cytheria, Caspian, Seraphina, Cyrus, Arcadia, Venture
    Middles: Beatrix, Dwyn, Jupiter, Violet, Zephyr, River, Willow

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    I met a little Nikita(boy) and Paulina. Lovely sibset, I had always considered Nikita masculine.

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