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Thread: Name sightings

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    Ontario, Canada
    My friend posted on Facebook today that she met a little girl named Gucci....
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    There's a Karen, Jared and Cedric (all siblings) at my church! Colour me excited!
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    There's a Ginger in my daycare group, with a big sister named Roxy. Today I learned they have a cousin named Beatrix! These names are all extremely unusual where I live. I was quite excited.

    A friend just named her daughter Lourdes Belle. She'll be called Lola. I can't say I'm a fan.

    Another friend just named her son Kohl. If it had been a girl, they had Lux Olivia picked out.

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    I was babysitting for a family tonight and because I'm in love with names to the extent of creepiness, I had a bit of a look through their 5 year old son's birthday cards (don't judge me, please), just to see what his friend's names were. There was the typical Evie, Aiden, Nathan, Amelia, Izzy, John.

    But my heart actually stopped at a card signed in kiddy-writing:
    Bart and baby Eadie.
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    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

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    I know a few baby Jaspers..and a Caius, Opal, Lincoln, Reason(m), Mattox (f), Addsion(m), Legend(m), Weaver, Lachlan, Winston, Wilder, Alice, Boone, Roxana, Watson, Numa, Indigo, Ever, Rock..I'm around lots of babies.

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