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Thread: Name sightings

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    The other day I met a little girl called Olive- never heard that one in real life before.
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    I know one little girl kid of my friend that is named Olive, it is pretty name
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    Hmm. Today was my second day of high school (waits for everyone to stop buzzing about me being young)...And there was a girl in my eighth period named Maizie. I'm not sure how she spelled it, but I've never met someone with that name before and I thought it was pretty interesting. But being a brand-new sophomore, I've had the opportunity to meet lots of new faces in high school...I met another girl named Anissa, and a lot of Joshes, Jordans, and Matts.
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    Annisa is not so common name too, but Maizie is very rare, i think this is even first time i heard for that name. Both sounds nice!
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    Just finished a week at tennis camp. There's a group for really little kids there (4-6yr olds) and they all seem to have fabulous names. There were, as expected, some popular choices like Noah and Lily and Liam, but no -aiden names, and no Kynleigh, Maddisyn, Kaydences.

    Some of the names:

    Otto (sister Sage)
    Mateo (brother Asa)
    Asa (brother Mateo)
    Leo (sisters Lila & Ana)
    Theo (sister Zoe)

    Lila (brother Leo)
    Sage(brother Otto)
    Zoe (brother Theo)
    Francesca (nn Chessa)

    Aren't these little boys and girls just pure nameberry children? There were only maybe 5-6 other kids, and no repeats in names! The camp was not without repeats though in the older groups there were about 9 Charles! A Chip, a Chuck, 4 Charlies, and 3 just plain Charles.

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