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Thread: Name sightings

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    Just watched the U.S National Diving championships a few days ago on tv and there was this one diver named Dashiell Enos.

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    So, both of my kids started back to school this week, so I have seem quite a few babies and toddles. I wanted to share some of the names.

    Addison (x3)
    Graylen (boy)
    Also, my friend is expecting her first child, and she found out that the baby was a girl, due in Nov. She picked the name Cameron.

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    Oh dear, LaStar?

    My favorite recent real-baby name is Enzo, short for Firenzo (Firenze is the city Florence in Italian). And yes, the child has Italian heritage!

    I was also thinking about some girls who went to my junior high school (not related to each other): Patia (pn PAY-sha) and Marya (pn MAHR-ee-a). They still sound like cool girls to me, 20 years later. . . I've never heard either one of those names since.

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    chloe, liam, jordan (girl), arabella, roland, kiana..

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    I've been meaning to post these for a while:

    Last month on holiday to York, I overheard:

    Tallulah, around 5.
    Jemima (4) and cousin Bonnie (6)
    Lilia, about 5
    Orlaith/Orla, about 2
    Ruby, around 4

    I also recently met a woman with a baby named Beatrice! Love!

    There was a little girl named Maeve at the pool a few weeks ago too! I literally almost hugged her dad who called her 'Maevie'! Instead, I tried to listen out for her sibling's names, which I didn't hear

    In Marks and Spencer's the other say I also overheard a Freddie and Anna (aged between 4 and 7, Anna being younger) which I love together, although they again are rather popular in England, particularly Anna. That day I also heard a Ruby and her older sister Martha.

    Also, I was reading a blog last night about a couple (she was from America, he was English) with 4 daughters - Philippa, Romilly, Beatrix and Juniper! Pippa, Ro, Bea and Junie! How sweet are they! I sat in shock for about 3 minutes! Their middle names, if I remember correctly, where Philippa Violet, Romilly Alice, Beatrix Johanna and Juniper Lucy! Swoon!

    On another blog I also spotted a little girl who lived in India named Navya which I thought was sweet.

    The other day I met a sibset of Tyler (f), Ella and Roman (m) who where all under 6. I'm not a fan of any of the names, to be honest - but they are certainly interesting together.

    Plus I recently found out the names of Ramona Marquez's siblings, a 9 year old British born actress (also part Spanish) who's name I adore. They are Paolo, Martha, Rauol and Archie. A little mish-matched, but I like them all, particularly Martha and Archie which are actually quite popular here in the UK.
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    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

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