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    Word names you think would sound nice - even if the meaning isn't nice

    Hey guys,

    I was just thinking and wondered if there are any words you guys think SOUND like they would make nice names (from just the sound alone) if they weren't words with less than pleasant meanings. Feel free to include any word names you think sound pretty but wouldn't use because word names just aren't your thing or because you think it'd be just a little too out there, for instance I think Blueberry sounds interesting, but I can't imagine actually naming a child Blueberry!

    I'm studying biology and lately I've been coming across a lot of disease names that I think actually sound pretty, which is what brought this on.

    For instance:
    Chlamydia (reminds me of Lydia, which I love)
    Pyometra (a life-threatening uterine infection common in dogs)
    Nemesis (Not a disease, but still not a nice meaning)

    Word names I like but would probably never use also include:

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    Elegy and Requiem come to mind- they've got such beautiful sounds and such sad meanings!

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    On my guilty pleasure list I have/have had Belladonna, Cadmium, and Arachne, as well as Hemlock, Alchemy, and Orchard for boys. Also Pompeia, so close to Pompeii, but I think could make such a beautiful name, and Orphéa (Or-FAY-uh), which I love the sound of, but is seeming pretty unusable due to its closeness to Orphan.
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    Ooh I actually really like Hemlock, that might go on my guilty pleasure list as well

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    I love Maudlin. It was used as a name way back when but now it's just known to mean "tearfully sentimental".

    thinking about...

    "Peppa" or "Peri"

    vote on my combos

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