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Thread: Name sightings

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    Quote Originally Posted by calliewalker718 View Post
    Just saw on the 60 minutes show yesterday, two boys named Barret (sp?) and Holden.
    My daughter's cousin is named Barrett. He just turned two.

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    I was at a girl's soccer game at my school, and the other team had a Saoirse. I might have swooned a bit. They also has a Remy, which was cool, but I prefer it on a boy.
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    My mum just told me that she has a friend with 1 boy and 2 girls: Noah (7), Alethea (4), and Perpetua (under 1). Perpetua was a new one for me!
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    I met a young woman named Orlanda yesterday.
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    My cousin's newest daughter is Kylie DeNiece, born this morning. Her two older half-sisters are Heather (I think she's about seventeen now) and Hailey (not sure on the spelling, but she's about eight).
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