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Thread: Name sightings

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    Sep 2010
    So glad this thread popped up. I've seen and heard some interesting names lately.

    At dinner last night there was a couple with a toddler and newborn (maybe a week or so old) twins. All three boys - Elijah was the oldest and the twins were Seth and Micah. I like all three names.

    In the local newspaper there was a list of first graders who made January honor roll. Some of the names were:
    Callaway Harrison (assume this is a boy)
    Ramsey (girl)
    Emahje (I'm told this name rhymes with corsage)
    Soltice (girl)
    Clellan (boy)
    Gordon (a name I haven't heard in ages)

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    Dec 2011
    I brought my daughter to a playground in the mall and there were siblings Liberty they called her Bert! Easton and Harper! I have never met one in real life

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    Nov 2011
    I met a Keilan (key-Lin) with young brother Robert Bradley and Sarah Elisabeth. I thought it was a weird combination.
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    I heard a mom call her daughter Vivienne and her son Callum. Both are great names, but it's a weird combo.
    I heard another mom call out to her son "Jackson Tanner, get over here!" haha
    This summer I met a middle-school aged girl name Bronte (Ahh! I swooned, I really did!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by emilylikewhoa View Post
    At work I meet a 3 year old named Zsophia... Pronounced Sophia

    I met a Zemily while picking my sister up from dance the other day.
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