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Thread: Name sightings

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    Dec 2011
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    Today I saw sisters Lucy, and Lola. I thought that was really cute. Plus, I'm just love the name Lucy! :-)

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    tressa Guest
    When I worked at Starbucks I had to ask for names to write on cups. One person was named La-a (pronounced Ladasha). She actually pronounced the dash.

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    Twins born in my home town in western Alberta, Canada:

    Valor and Raine.

    Judging from the birth announcement photo, at least one was a girl, possibly both.

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    New granddaughter of an estranged family friend: Jaely (not sure on spelling; my cousin saw the name on Facebook)
    Also a sibling set: Jacelyn (girl), Kacen (boy) and Paysen (girl). Why do people do this to their children?
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    penguin Guest
    One of my co-workers said he spoke to a woman who named her twins Dijon and Dijonnaise.

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