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Thread: Name sightings

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    Just learned of a family friend's four kids' names: EthnieMay (g-3), Zebaniah (b-2), Karibella (g-1), and Bardez (b-due November). WOAH.

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    nickname mia......

    first name mariah-carey. no jokes. saw it in the paper, on an 18 year old. using mariah, or carey i can understand - or even FN and then MN but hyphenating them as a first name? her mum and dad must be massive fans!!
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    A book I read recently was dedicated to the author's granddaughters: Edith, Agatha & Daisy.
    I also met a boy named Moss and his sister Tait.
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    Pool and Fieldhouse

    Hello everyone!

    I recently started going to the pool, as well as at our local fieldhouse, and I heard the following: Elizabeth, Caleb and Lauren (brother and sister), Georgia, Benjamin, Avery and Chloe.

    Also, there has been a little baby boom amongst friends, who are, for most of them, francophones like me :-) Here are their children's names: Daphne, Myrtèle (pronounced "meer-tell"), Nicolas, Esteban, Mahée, Romy, Jacob, Amy, Sam (boy), Zoé, Olivier, Elliot, Ève, Léa, Étienne... And lots more to come!

    I'll keep an eye for other names around town, it should be interesting!

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    Names I heard at my daughter's school in Mexico City:

    two Constanzas
    two Ivannas
    Nagore (pronounced na-GORE-reh; it's Basque according to the mother)

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