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Thread: Name sightings

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    Re: Name sightings

    I met a little girl the other week whose name was Bluebell Hecate! They called her Betty..
    The weirdest I have ever heard by a mile, and I have come across some bizarre ones!
    Two girls I know are named Zillah and Francine. Think thats quite cool.
    I also know a Babel and Romeo. Babel is a girl, Romeo a boy (obviously)

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    Re: Name sightings

    I recently met a little boy named Klaw and a young man named Winchester.

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    Re: Name sightings


    Brothers: Miles, Liam, & Oliver William and Hayden Lennox, Travis Ryder, & Prestley Cohen.

    Sisters (around 13-21): Denise, Donna, Dreama, and Darla
    ... o.O

    Brothers & Sisters: Bennett (11) and Daisy (around 5) & Aliyah, Bianca, and Zade

    Reese Elizabeth (newborn)
    Kasha (pr. Kah-shuh - 22)
    Lyric Briony (newborn)
    Romy (around 4)

    Forrest (8)
    Jericho (4 or 5)

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    Re: Name sightings

    I have met a Kepler and I know an Annalise who is due this week.
    Current loves: Theodore & Rosalind

    Mommy to Arabella and Jude

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    Re: Name sightings

    I met a tiny baby named Fred this weekend.

    A college student named Aspen was called into my office today. I thought it was kind of great, but I was surprised it was a girl.

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