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Thread: Name sightings

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    Feb 2012
    I was watching the CNN Special Finding Jesus, and there was a professor named Candida.
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    A little Lois at the doctors today, and an Alice at Costco. Both pretty common but cute.
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    Newest names from our local hospital's birth announcements: Evangeline and Santino
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    There's a new girl at my school called Ysabel. I was curious to see how it would be pronounced, but I was disappointed to hear it was pronounced exactly like Isabel. We also have a new girl from Australia who joined our class just for the week as she's touring Europe, and her name is Helena, but she prefers to go by Helenka, because her family is Polish and Helenka is apparently a popular Polish nickname for Helena or Helen.

    Last week I've also spotted a Giacomo and Frederic (spelt like this). I was pleased to see Frederic, since it's on my own extended list. Whilst in London I overheard a Theo, Francesca (Francesca was Theo's little sister), Hugo, Oliver and Alice (I don't know why, but I always find it strange when I "meet" someone with my name). It was in quite a classy and upper class part of London, so I wasn't surprised by the names, but Francesca stood out for me the most, as it's always been a bit of an eighties or nineties name for me (with the same kind of vibe as Gabriella or Jennifer) but this little Francesca was a toddler, and I also thought it didn't fit too well with Theo.
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    I worked a play last year with a boy about 8 years old named Stewart who had a younger brother, Augustus "Gus".
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