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Thread: Name sightings

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    Re: Name sightings

    Today I received a request on Facebook from an old high school whom I haven't seen in about 15 years. She lives in Florida now (husband is in the military) and has four children:

    Wheeler (boy)
    Pierce (boy)
    Journey (girl)
    Peyton (girl)

    Don't know the middles but I loved the names even though they're not my style.

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    Re: Name sightings

    Okay, I'm not sure, but I might have heard a father call his little 3 or 4 year old girl Cambridge. :shock:

    On a better note, siblings Emma, Anne, and Julia.
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    Re: Name sightings

    My friend just told me about a little boy at her mom's school named Khayos. Pronounced like "chaos". :shock:

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    Re: Name sightings

    A friend of my aunt's announced at her baby shower that she is naming her daughter Ansley Nicole.

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    Re: Name sightings

    i've heard some great ones around the place -

    sequoia - yes, as in the tree :/
    addison - on a boy, which i found a little strange...i guess its cos its really been taken over by the girls
    kalle (boy), pronounced kale.
    Bippy (girl) - would love to know if this is short for something or if its just that!
    Milne (boy) - not my style but actually love it!

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