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Thread: Name sightings

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    While at an East Coast (America) beach boardwalk I walked passed a group of siblings - at least 4, two of which were named Parker and Charlie. Both were boys and they were adorable. I found the pairing great. Both names have the same casual nature/style to them, yet are distinct from one another. I almost followed the family to find out the rest of the families names (another boy, and I believe a girl)... but I feared that would be too much...

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    I've recently met a real-life girl named Abcde. I heard of this name before, but I really didn't think I'd ever meet one.

    I also met a boy named Jxxr (pronounced Jix-er). :/

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    A little boy named Kerry
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    Sat next to a young Anastasia today. I've always thought of that name as somewhat of a mouthful and out of pure curiousness and interest as to what you pair a name like that with, I had hoped to hear the name of her brother, but I didn't manage to get ahold of it.
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